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Xiamen holds promotional event in Amsterdam

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Dec 2, 2019


Amsterdam, Netherlands at night [Photo/IC]

Xiamen, a coastal city in East China's Fujian province, hosted a promotional event in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on Nov 28 in order to expand its tourism market by cooperating with local travel agencies to develop more cultural tourism routes for foreign tourists.

The 2019 Xiamen China Tourism Promotion Conference, which revolved around Gulangyu Island, a world cultural heritage site, gave foreigners a small taste of what Xiamen has to offer, including its stunning natural landscapes, unique local customs, and high-end cruises.

The conference venue was decorated with pictures of Xiamen, including Gulangyu Island, the Xiamen International Cruise Home Port, and a coastal tourist resort. Some of the city's famous snacks and intangible cultural heritage items were also on display, giving attendees a glimpse into the "Garden on the Sea".

In addition to promoting Xiamen, the event also consisted of face-to-face talks with Amsterdam tourists and travel agents, which are expected to strengthen cultural cooperation between the two cities.