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Instructions to build government service assessment system

english.www.gov.cn| Updated: Dec 20, 2019

The General Office of the State Council issued a circular on Dec 17, laying out instructions to build a government service assessment mechanism.

By the end of 2020, a mechanism will be established throughout administrative service institutions and platforms at all levels, which will grant the right of evaluating to enterprises and citizens, the circular said, adding that every service item should be assessed.

A complete list of government service items should be formulated and managed by the national integrated online government service platform, according to the circular.

And it required efforts to further facilitate the services, cut down procedures, speed up information sharing, improving one-stop and trans-regional services, and refining service regulations.

National standards for assessing government services should be developed as well, the circular said.

Evaluations should be available after on-the-spot services are provided every time. Government service institutions should place evaluation machines or QR codes at service windows; those in remote areas or grass-roots levels should offer evaluation papers if other methods are not in place.

Meanwhile, online service platforms should set evaluation modules.

Also, related departments should actively collect assessments from all levels of society through suggestion boxes, hotlines, supervision platforms, and emails, and conduct government service surveys.

The circular asks for a mechanism to investigate and verify negative comments for rectification and feedback.

And based on the national integrated online government service platform, a system should be set up to generate, collect, transfer, and analyze data, and then give feedback, it said, adding that big data and other technologies should be applied.

Citizens’ freedom to evaluate should be protected, and forced actions or interference are forbidden.

Related departments across different regions should use the government service assessment mechanism as an important measure to deepen administrative reforms, the circular said.