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Iranian doctor of Chinese medicine: acupuncture is a gift from China to the world

People's Daily Online| Updated: Dec 20, 2019

"My acupuncture clinic at Tehran University treats more than 100 patients a day. It is the therapeutic effect and good reputation of TCM, instead of advertisement, that wins the trust of so many patients".

Hooman's patients include many world-class athletes, well-known actors and international dignitaries. "These patients have high requirements for treatment methods, and their choice and recognition of TCM also reflects the good efficacy and worldwide popularity of TCM."

In addition to treating patients, Hooman also spares no effort to teach TCM knowledge around the world. Apart from China and Iran, he has also been a guest lecturer at universities in Spain and Canada, and conducted acupuncture training in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Australia, Austria among others. "It can be said that acupuncture is a gift from China to the world. I hope more patients can benefit from it," said Hooman.

Hooman believes that TCM has brought positive changes to his personality and lifestyle. "Although I am busy, I have more peace of mind and take things as they come. As a result of practicing TCM, my lifestyle has become more regular."

"I will continue to learn TCM for the rest of my life," he concluded. 

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