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Xiamen invests 25.7 b yuan into rural revitalization in 2019

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Dec 19, 2019


Xiamen, Fujian province has made strong progress in rural revitalization this year. [Photo/Sipa]

The coastal city of Xiamen, Fujian province has stepped up efforts to promote the development of agricultural and rural revitalization, with 25.7 billion yuan ($3.67 billion) being invested into related projects, according to a news conference on Dec 17.

In the past year, the city has made notable advances in modern agricultural development and introduced 45 investment projects worth 9.63 billion yuan. A promotional event centering on modern agriculture was also hosted by the city government. Eighteen project deals worth 7.02 billion yuan were signed at the event, 11 of which have already begun.

In addition, the city has fostered 30 seed and seedling firms, 11 of which have an annual output of more than 10 million yuan. The total output value of the city's seed and seedling companies is expected to exceed 480 million yuan this year.

Remarkable achievements were also made in the industrial integration of rural areas, and leisure agriculture and rural tourism have seen a boom over the years as well. Revenue generated by the rural tourism sector is expected to surpass 1 billion yuan this year, growing 23 percent year on year.

Leading agricultural enterprises continued to see rapid growth this year, and Xiamen is currently home to six leading agriculture industrialization enterprises on the national top 500 list.

Reforms on the rural collective property rights system continue to expand, and the city has taken the lead in reforming rural communities to prepare for the adoption of a joint stock cooperative system.