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Museums bring more fine traditional culture into Chinese lives

Xinhua| Updated: Dec 19, 2019


A large-scale Tang-themed exhibition, named "Meeting the Tang Dynasty Again" kicked off in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, on Oct. 7. It will last until Jan. 5, 2020.

Calligraphy works and paintings from the Tang Dynasty are rare and seldom exhibited.

The exhibition has a total of 100 exhibits, including 38 first-class cultural relics. Many of the items have been deemed as national treasures for centuries. The quality and scale of the exhibits are unprecedented.

A special part of the exhibition is a detailed introduction on the display boards for almost each of the items, such as historical background, scripts of connoisseurship seals, an introduction of dressing styles, and comments by authenticating experts.

The phenomenal exhibition has attracted numerous visitors not only from Liaoning, but also across China, to wait in a long line to check out items from the legendary dynasty.

"Our aim is for visitors, even those who do not know cultural relics well, to gain an understanding of the culture and life in the Tang dynasty," Dong Baohou, the museum's director of academic research and exhibition curator, told Xinhua.

Dong added the museum hopes to curate exhibitions that can stay in the heart of the visitors. "I frequently check the messages that visitors leave us."

"Behind the museum's fashion is our ever-increasing recognition of and desires to explore traditional culture," said Li Na, a young nurse. "This is the charm of China."

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