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Museums bring more fine traditional culture into Chinese lives

Xinhua| Updated: Dec 19, 2019


The National Museum of China has reached beyond showcasing and studying its collections to join hands with schools in Beijing, organizing tailored courses and tours for students.

Beijing No. 4 High School was the first high school to form a cooperation agreement with the museum in 2016.

On the basis of the cooperation, the high school has set up a multidisciplinary optional course integrating history, philosophy and arts.

"We simulated the casting process of 'hufu,' a tiger-shaped tally issued to generals for troop deployment, with wax," said student Zheng Hanyun, as she recalled a class on ancient bronze casting techniques.

Zheng said her immense interest was ignited by a trip to the National Museum of China in her junior high school.

Apart from experience and knowledge, the course also aims at leading the students to dig deeper and shaping their values with the help of traditional culture, according to Xu Yan, a history teacher from the high school, who initiated the cooperation.

The National Museum of China has also extended its showrooms to the Beijing subway.

On the track of Beijing Subway Line 1 runs an eye-catching train decorated with patterns inspired by cultural relics. Inside the six-carrier train are decorations showcasing representative relics and exhibitions of the museum.

The themed train was initiated on Nov. 11 to offer more people a window into the museum as well as the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization. It is estimated that nearly 5 million passengers will get a closer glimpse of Chinese culture in the train during its three-month operation.

"We hope the cultural relics can get out of the storehouses and showrooms, and enter people's lives in a new way that may arouse stronger interest in cultural relics and history," said Liu Jun, an official with the museum.

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