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Museums bring more fine traditional culture into Chinese lives

Xinhua| Updated: Dec 19, 2019


Boasting over 17 million visitors in 2018, the Palace Museum, a world-famous heritage site, has been particularly popular this year.

During the weeklong Spring Festival holiday, tickets to the museum were hard to get, as the museum only allows 80,000 visitors a day.

From Jan. 5 to April 7, the Palace Museum hosted an exhibition featuring Chinese New Year traditions. The entire Forbidden City was adorned with palace lanterns, paintings and spring couplets to create an immersive festival experience.

"The museum has tried to stay relevant to contemporary visitors in every detail," said Ren Wanping, deputy director of the museum.

The Palace Museum has also seamlessly associated itself with "being trendy."

"Lantern Festival night in the Forbidden City," held for two consecutive nights, invited thousands of people from all walks of life, including model workers, delivery men and sanitation workers to enjoy the magnificent view of a lit-up palace.

It was the first time the museum had opened to the public for free at night in its 94-year history.

The Palace Museum is time-honored for its rich history and representation of traditions, said Liu Yican, 26. "It is also 'young' in my view because it serves and passes fine traditional culture to today's youth."

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