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Nature conservation in Wuyi Mountain takes another step forward

By Zhang Hao| CGTN| Updated: Dec 17, 2019


Dried-up river bed in the forest. [Photo by Zhang Hao/CGTN]

The results of the installation of the cameras were almost 30,000 photos and videos, and among them, images of state-level protected animals, like Cabot's tragopan and the black bear, surprised the public. This time, by increasing the distribution of the cameras, there is hope and a higher chance that more wild animals will be filmed. 


Image of a black bear recorded by one of the infrare cameras. [Photo provided by Wuyi Mountain National Park]

According to Zheng Dingtuan, from the Monitoring Center of Wildlife and wetland in Fujian, the nine cameras were placed at different altitudes and about 400 meters apart. They must be located near the places where animal activity was found. 

"We have found some claw prints along this small path next to this tree. After some time observing, we believe installing the camera on this tree might increase the chance of filming multiple kinds of animals passing by."

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