Year in review: Most touching stories of 2019

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Dec 17, 2019


Screenshot of Pear Video shows the schoolmaster greeting students at the school gate. 

Schoolmaster greets students every day for over 10 years

A schoolmaster of a primary school in Yubei district of Chongqing municipality has kept waiting for students in the morning and seeing them off after class for more than 10 years.

From a video uploaded online on March 1, the schoolmaster is seen greeting every student by either giving them a high-five or gently touching their heads, with smiles on his face.

"The behavior is warm and approachable. An example is better than a directive," said a parent of a student. According to another parent, the schoolmaster shows up at the school gate on time every day, regardless of the weather. He believed such behavior can affect the students, teaching them to persist in their studies and also respect others.

One netizen said, "He is the schoolmaster that all the students will admire." Another said, "I give him a thumbs-up for continuing to do this for 10 years."

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