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Flash mob becomes a new way for people to express positive feelings

People's Daily Online| Updated: Dec 16, 2019


A martial art flash mob is staged under Shanghai's iconic building of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. [Photo/People's Daily]

Flash mobbing, a trend originating in foreign countries, has flourished in China and taken strong Chinese characteristics as its prevalence in China grows.

Unlike those in foreign countries which are initiated by individuals and are performed for entertainment purposes, flash mobs in China are usually song and dance performances that are carefully rehearsed to present audio-visual feasts to onlookers.

One of the most impressive flash mobs in China in 2019 took place during the national celebration of the 70th birthday of the People's Republic of China, when hundreds of thousands of people joined the patriotic flash mobs during which the patriotic Chinese song "My Motherland and I" was sung.


People sing "I Love You China" in a flash mob organized by the firefighting and rescue department of Fujian province, southeast China. [Photo/People's Daily]

From landmarks and transport hubs across the country to tourist destinations, Chinese people staged a variety of flash mobs to share feelings surrounding the birthday celebrations pertaining to the motherland.

Flash mobs represent the deep integration of special art forms and history, and the content conforms to the will of the people and provides them with a new channel to express their feelings, said Luo Bin, Secretary of the Party Branch Committee of Chinese Dancers Association.

Chinese flash mobs are usually organized by specific organizations or companies. Their purposes are clear and the participants are familiar with each other. Besides, the sector has become mature with advanced filming and editing technologies, and a feedback mechanism has been adopted so that the performers could improve themselves.


Tourists join a flash mob organized by China Media Group in Chengdu to welcome the Chinese New Year 2019. [Photo/People's Daily]

The influence of flash mobs has been extended as the videos are uploaded on social networking platforms and appear in TV programs. Chinese flash mobs, which bear active social significance, could mobilize more resources to improve their artistic standards and values.

One merit of Chinese flash mobs is that they could bring people closer to each other. When people join a flash mob, on the street or in the park, they become a part of it and become familiar with other performers. This is necessary in the internet world when people communicate with each other more in the virtual world than face to face.