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Xiamen Subway Line 2 to open in Dec

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Dec 12, 2019


The newly-built Jiangtou Station on Xiamen Subway Line 2 [Photo/xmnn.cn]

Xiamen's Subway Line 2 is scheduled to open to the public in December this year as an integrated rail transit plan takes shape in the city, according to Xiamen Rail Transit Group.

Public facilities for transit connections along Subway Line 1 have also been improved according to plan. The city is currently building new track lines and plans to formulate plans for the development of a more integrated transit network.

According to a government official, Xiamen has received approval to construct five subway lines, helping form a circular rail transit network centering on the downtown area and extending to surrounding areas.

Five modes of transportation will be included in the plan in an effort to meet various public demands.

Evacuation squares and walkway facilities at the subway stations will be improved in order to make transfers safer and more convenient. In addition, parking areas and rain shelters for bikes will be set up within 50 meters of subway stations. Transfers between subways and buses will be greatly improved, with more transfer junctions along subway lines and bus routes to be constructed. Taxi waiting areas and public parking lots will be built near metro stations as well.