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Cross-Straits qipao show held in Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Dec 12, 2019


A dancer dressed in a qipao (a traditional Chinese one-piece dress) performs. [Photo by Li Siyuan/chinanews.com]  

The third Cross-Straits Qipao Festival came to a close in Xiamen on Dec 8. Around 500 qipao lovers and fashion icons attended the event.

The three-day event revolved around fashion, innovation, inheritance, and promotion. It was meant to promote traditional Chinese culture and the integrated development of the modern fashion industry with traditional Chinese clothing.


A performer wearing a qipao performs on stage. [Photo by Li Siyuan/chinanews.com]  

The qipao, a traditional Chinese body-hugging, one-piece dress, known in Cantonese as the cheongsam, was designed to show off the beautiful figure of Chinese women. The qipao show gives people a chance to learn about the traditional Chinese dress.