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Conference on computer education held in Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Dec 12, 2019


The 2019 Computer Education Conference of China gathers nearly 200 well-known computer experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs. [Photo/Xinhua]

The 2019 Computer Education Conference of China (CECC 2019) was held in Xiamen, East China's Fujian province, from Dec 7 and 8.

The conference, whose tagline is "New era, new computing, and new education," was attended by nearly 200 well-known computer experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs.

Zhao Qinping, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor at Beihang University, said at the conference that scientific research on computers should focus on industrialization, and scientific achievements should be widely used in undergraduate education.

Wu Jianping, director of the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University and an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the development of computer services and the software industry have resulted in great changes in personnel training, and universities and colleges should pay more attention to the cultivation of well-rounded high-end talents.

The conference consisted of 14 forums on topics such as the construction of first-class undergraduate programs, big data education, industry-academy cooperation, cyber security personnel training, and artificial intelligence education, providing industrial leaders with a great chance to conduct in-depth discussions on a new era of computer education in China.