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WeChat book' on China's geography and culture gets hot

By Wang Ru| China Daily| Updated: Dec 10, 2019


Hi I'm China, the first publication by Institute for Planets, is a book about the geography and culture of China through which people can get to know the geographical features of different places and how the local customs developed around the local geological conditions. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Beautiful photos are another feature of Institute for Planets' articles. Normally, dozens of photos can be found in each of their articles. The book contains 365 carefully-chosen photos taken by various photographers. The team are in contact with over 3,000 photographers and often buy photos from them. They also buys images from specialty map shops.

Geng also has some regrets about the book. For example, there are not many words as he had hoped in the book. And although it is a book about China's geography, many places in China with impressive geographical features were not included.

"It's just the beginning. We cannot cover every part of China, but we welcome suggestions from readers and will continuously improve our work in the future," says Geng.

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