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WeChat book' on China's geography and culture gets hot

By Wang Ru| China Daily| Updated: Dec 10, 2019


Hi I'm China, the first publication by Institute for Planets, is a book about the geography and culture of China through which people can get to know the geographical features of different places and how the local customs developed around the local geological conditions. [Photo provided to China Daily]

"It is considered to be a book of geological and cultural popularization. People can get to know geographical features of many places and how the local culture and customs have developed due to the geological conditions."

The book introduces 16 places in China, classified by their terrain. Each place is introduced through its features, accompanied by explanatory passages and beautiful photos.

"Generally, the book describes places in China from the highlands to the flatlands, from the wild to the urban," says Geng, who now heads a 20-odd team that operates Institute for Planets.

Geng points out the necessity for publishing this book: "Chinese people do not have enough understanding of Chinese geography."

"We had less clarity about China's geographical conditions until New China was established in 1949, when many research teams were organized to explore the geographical conditions. And only after that, in the 1980s, we started to have the technological means to show the results."

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