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Xiamen entices Taiwan entrepreneurs with attractive policies

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Dec 3, 2019


The Creative Commune, one of three provincial entrepreneurship and employment centers in Siming district, is now home to more than 100 startups. [Photo/sunnews.cn]

In recent years, the mainland has implemented a series of preferential policies directed at people from Taiwan. This has led to an increasing number of young people from Taiwan pursuing careers on the mainland, and the coastal city of Xiamen in East China's Fujian province has established a number of entrepreneurship and employment centers for Taiwan youth, Xiamen Daily reported on Dec 3.

The centers, which offer customized services for Taiwan youth looking to start businesses, have helped cultivate a number of entrepreneurs involved in education, catering, trade, and cultural and creative products. The centers employ many experienced advisors, who are helping foster more innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit.  

Taiwan entrepreneurs are attracted to Xiamen due to its great business environment and favorable policies toward Taiwan-funded companies.

The mature and diversified Chinese mainland market is offering more opportunities for entrepreneurs than in the past, and entrepreneurship and employment centers in Xiamen offer comprehensive facilities and public services, making them helpful to Taiwan youth looking to start businesses, according to Wun Yu-sian from Chinese Taipei.

Huang Sih Dong, a software programmer from Taiwan, praised the preferential policies directed at people from Taiwan living on the mainland, saying that the entrepreneurship subsidies provided by the local government have helped his company succeed.