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Railway Cultural Park

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Nov 26, 2019


Entrance of the Railway Cultural Park in Xiamen is spruced up by bougainvillea speetabilis, Xiamen's city flower. [Photo/visitxiamen.com]

The Railway Cultural Park in Xiamen used to be the railway track of the extension line of Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, the only railway in Xiamen at that time and was designed to transport construction materials. 

The railway was abandoned since 1980s, but it still demonstrated Xiamen's traffic plan to integrate sea, land and air. 

Connecting surrounding scenic spots, the stripe-shaped Xiamen Railway Cultural Park started construction in 2010. Bougainvillea speetabilis, Xiamen's city flower, decorates every corner of the park. The heart-shaped flowers are the best-known ones. Some tourists call it a "sacred tree of love", as they believe that making confessions or proposals under the tree will lead to sweet love. 

The name of Railway Cultural Park brings out historical and cultural connotation as well as aesthetic values. In the past, the long railway track was just like a zigzag river flowing to the distant. Nowadays, the old railway has been transformed into a new delightful city landmark to appreciate Xiamen and reflect on the history.