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Instructions regarding tax refund shops in Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Nov 22, 2019

Foreign tourists and those from China's Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan who have stayed on the Chinese mainland for less than 183 consecutive days are entitled to a departure tax refund. Here are some instructions regarding tax refund shops in Xiamen. 

When did Xiamen introduce tax refund shops? 

The departure tax refund policy, officially launched on Jan 1, 2016, affects overseas travelers buying at designated value added tax (VAT) refund shops. A tax refund is possible only if an overseas traveler purchases at least 500 yuan ($72) worth of tax-refundable articles in the same tax-refund shop in Xiamen on the same day, the departure date is less than 90 days after the purchase, and the articles are to be carried on the person of the overseas traveler or in checked baggage. 

The tax refund rate is 11 percent, and the refund agency will charge a 2 percent service fee, so the amount the traveler receives will be 9 percent of the commodity price. 

Which stores are considered tax refund shops? 

As of April 25, 2019, there were 11 tax refund shops in Xiamen, according to the Xiamen municipal tax department. 

Tax refund shops in Xiamen include the following:

Xindeco Department Store

Sumgo Tea (Tea Cultural Center Store)

Crowne Plaza Paragon Xiamen

Cai's Lacquer Thread Sculpture (Heyang Xilu Flagship Store)

Xiamen Rainbow Shopping Mall Co., Ltd (Atlantic Store, Huiteng Store, Haicang Store)

Empereur Tea (Bailuzhou Store, No 2 Hubin Store, No 1 Xiangyun Store)

Tenfu Tea (Gaoqi International Airport Store, Binbei Store, Zhongshan Store, Shoe Mart Store)

Shoe Mart (SM) Department Store

PCD Stores

Louis Vuitton Xiamen Co


Tax refundable articles mainly include watches, bags and suitcases, shoes, tea, cosmetics, daily necessities, accessories, electronics, ceramics, and sun glasses. 

How do I receive my tax refund? 

(1) Refund through shops. Both cash refunds and bank card refunds are available. 

a. Refunds at designated stores require an Application Form of Departure Tax Refunds and a valid ID or VAT invoices (issued through the updated VAT invoice system). 

b. Take the purchased goods, valid personal ID, VAT invoices for the purchased goods, and the Application Form of Departure Tax Refunds to China Customs for verification.