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Full nomination list

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Best opera film

Bouyei Women

Legend of the White Snake

The Women of the Mountain

Cao Cao and Yang Xiu

Han Yuniang

Mu Guiying command

Best science education film

The Story of Potatoes

The Ecological Environmental Protection in Wuliangsuhai Wetland

The Green Great Wall

The Growing of Pandas

Best documentary

Hello Beijing

Memory of Grand Theatre: Hua Mulan


Striving for Dream

Kick the Ball! Kid!

Twenty years of record: The King of Tibetan Antelope

Best animation

Back Home of C9

The Wind Guardians

White Snake

Sharp the Bull

New Happy Dad and Son 3: Adventure in Russia

Boonie Bears: Blast Into The Past

Best screenplay

Zhou Jingzhi (Enter the Forbidden City)

A Mei, Wang Xiaoshuai (So Long, My Son)

Yuan Yuan, He Xinming, Pan Yu, An Wei, Rene Liu (Us and Them)

Han Jianyu, Zhong Wei, Wen Muye (Dying to Survive)

Bao Jingjing (Our Shining Days)

Teng Congcong (Send Me to the Clouds)

Best directorial debut feature

Wang Lina (A First Farewell)

Wen Muye (Dying to Survive)

Rene Liu (Us and Them)

Peng Li (Find My Way Home)

Teng Congcong (Send Me to the Clouds)

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