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Teachers praised for using unique methods to correct homework

By Zhao Tong| People's Daily Online| Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Recently, a group of teachers in Xiamen gained popularity online thanks to their creative methods of homework correction, according to Xiamen Evening News.

Yu Qianyi, who has been teaching for more than 20 years, learned how to draw these "small people with hearts" from a short video platform, which she now uses to correct her students' homework. "Hand-drawn paintings are more vivid and warm than those made on computers," Yu said.

Her students were surprised to see that their math teacher could draw, and they liked the personal touch. As a result, the students felt closer to their teacher and wanted to do better in class.


[Photo/edu.youth.cn WeChat Official Account]

"This made me want to do homework," many internet users agreed.

Apart from drawing, some teachers used stamps to correct homework. The stamps are purchased online by teachers, and range from cartoon stamps to pure text stamps.


[Photo/edu.youth.cn WeChat Official Account]

Yang Meijuan, deputy director of academic affairs in a primary school in Xiamen, mentioned that different subjects have different stamps as a supplemental means of correcting homework.

Yang said that personalized homework correction shortens the distance between teachers and students in a more relaxed and humorous way. Whether it's stamps or using emotions, it's doing it in a way that's more acceptable to students, which can encourage students and soften criticism of education.