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Rare spoon-billed sandpipers sighted in Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Oct 31, 2019


A spoon-billed sandpiper is seen in Xiamen. [Photo by Hong Zuyi/xmnn.cn]

"The global breeding population of spoon-billed sandpipers was estimated at a maximum of 228 pairs. The first four birds were spotted at Xiamen's Dadeng Island in October 2015, and since then the coastal city has become a must-visit place during their winter migration," Chen said. 

He credited the tidal flats in Xiamen – boasting slow waters and mixing sand and mud – as being the most appealing aspect for the notoriously picky birds. 

"The spatulate bill of the bird, a broad and flat style which can be used to sweep and lift food from the ground, makes the tidal flats in Xiamen the most suitable for them," Chen said.

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