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Experts brainstorm cross-Straits bridges

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Oct 16, 2019


A cruise ship sails from Xiamen in East China's Fujian province to Jinmen, an offshore island of Taiwan. [Photo/IC]

Experts from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan discussed the construction of two bridges which would connect both sides of the Taiwan Straits, People's Daily reported on Oct 14. 

The forum opened on Oct 13, gathering over 40 experts. They brainstormed plans to build a bridge connecting Matsu and Fuzhou, the former an offshore island of Taiwan and the latter the provincial capital of Fujian, as well as another bridge connecting Taiwan's Jinmen and Fujian's Xiamen. 

The experts shared ideas on various topics, including local topographic, geological and oceanographic conditions, their transportation capabilities, as well as the latest construction and design trends for bridges. 

The bridges are expected to become an important channel connecting both sides of the Straits. The easier and more convenient transportation between Fujian and Taiwan will boost the province's attractiveness to residents across the Straits and also bring more economic and social benefits to both parties. 

Ferries between Xiamen and Jinmen, as well as Fuzhou and Matsu are in service every day.