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Xiamen teenager talks of years attending his sick mom

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Oct 9, 2019


Huang Sikai shares his home-cooked food with his mom in Xiamen in Fujian province on Sept 12. [Photo/IC]

Huang Sikai, a six-grade primary school student from Xiamen in East China's Fujian province, recently shared his moments of living with his mother. 

"My mother is not as healthy as many parents. I have to take care of her and do most of the housework. My  experience growing up has inspired me to care more about my family and myself," Huang said. 

Huang's story goes back to 2002 when his mother, who came to Xiamen to start up her business a few years ago, was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma and was told she had 60 days to live. 

The struggling mother, though slender in figure and light of voice, experienced something of a miracle when  she not only got herself through the initial dangerous period, but also gave birth to Huang in 2007. 

"Due to my eye disease, I have to clean my tears and gum every day," Huang's mom said. 

"My little boy always reminds me and helps me clean, just like his daily work," she said. 

She was also moved by Huang accompanying her to see a doctor in 2015. When the doctor asked her to undergo eye surgery as soon as possible, Huang cried and begged for a two-week delay. 

"My summer holidays will start in two weeks and I have to be by my mother's side when she's having the operation," the then eight-year-old boy said. 

Under his constant and considerate care, his mother recovered well and gradually restored her eyesight. 

Li Xiaohong, vice president at Huang's school, said the boy was also eager to help others and every corner of the campus was fulfilled with his influence.

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