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Special force soldiers tie the knot in Fujian

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Oct 8, 2019


A soldier and his wife ride a military car to attend their group wedding in Fujian province on Oct 3. [Photo/xmnn.cn]

Witnessed by a commissar, a group wedding ceremony for 24 brides and their soldier grooms -- on service with a special force brigade based in East China's Fujian province -- took place on Oct 3. 

Those attending said that the normal solemn, masculine and martial atmosphere at the camp was swapped for one which was cheerful and joyous. 

The couples' visiting relatives and friends, as well as comrades-in-arms, added to the joy of the occasion. 

Twenty-four couples, taking with them their different love stories, opened a new chapter of their lives. 

Huang Chao expressed his love and gratitude to He Tangyuan. Both have been in a 10-year long-distance relationship since high school. 

Liao Peijun and Li Lihong, both grass-roots military officers, said although they could reunite only a few times every year with their loved ones, their love will last through thick and thin. 

Organizers said the group wedding was designed to meet the urgent needs of soldiers, who are busy on field training all year-round -- and most of them had registered for marriage. Observers said the weddings also helped strengthen the soldiers' sense of camaraderie and increased their wives' understanding.