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Free WiFi now covers Gulangyu Island

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Aug 28, 2019


The whole island of Gulangyu in Xiamen is now covered by free WiFi. [Photo/VCG]

After two years of construction, the free WiFi coverage project on Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, Fujian province, was fully completed on Aug 28, local media reported.

At present, the whole island is covered with a free WiFi signal which can support 40,000 tourists and locals at the same time, according to a Gulangyu official.

The official said that by ensuring users' information security, the WiFi coverage can directly cut the red tape of Gulangyu management.

"If there is an emergency, we can send real-time information to tourists through the network, such as the suspension of a ferry service when a typhoon occurs," he said.

"Tourists can get the latest information as long as they connect to the network."