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Gulangyu Island now covered by free WiFi

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Aug 13, 2019


Gulangyu Island's major scenic spots are now covered by free WiFi. [Photo/VCG]

Gulangyu Island is undoubtedly the most popular scenic spot in Xiamen, in eastern Fujian province – and the local authorities are doing everything it takes to ensure that stays the case.

Officials said that in order to better protect and showcase its cultural heritage and improve the quality of its services, Gulangyu has applied many scientific and technological means for its management in the last couple of years.

Recently, most areas on the island were covered by WiFi signal, local media reported recently. Officials said the move further promoted Gulangyu as a smart scenic spot.

At present, the free WiFi covers the major scenic spots and main tourist routes of the island. Visitors can search for the "Kulangsu" signal on their smartphones or laptops to access the network.