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Xiamen Shuanglongtan Ecological Scenic Spot

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Jun 26, 2019

The Shuanglongtan Ecological Scenic Spot is located at the eastern foot of the Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park in the southwest of Guankou town, Jimei district, Xiamen.


Its major attraction covers 55 hectares and is surrounded by green mountains and clean water. With beautiful natural scenery, it is a tourist attraction themed on aerobics and integrating leisure and ecology. It is also the first mountainous resort themed on outdoor training and competitive vehicle sports in Xiamen and its surrounding areas.


The scenic spot has won a series of honorary titles, including top 10 popular attractions in Xiamen, top 10 most favorite agritainment resorts in Xiamen, most favorite tourist attraction, best self-driving travel base, and giant of the leisure industry. It ranked first among 24 new attractions in Xiamen in 2015, according to results of a selection campaign organized by Xiamen bureau of tourism and Xiamen Daily. It was granted the title of Fujian provincial sports tourism and leisure demonstration base by Fujian Tourism+ Quality Evaluation Commission in 2017. Also, it was rated as a 3A national scenic spot in November 2018. At present, it receives over 1 million visitors a year.


It is composed of three parts: an ecological sports area, a team building area, and a recreation area.

The ecological sports area is themed on ecological sports and low-carbon healthcare. It boasts China's top 10 and East China's largest grass skiing area, and venues for rock climbing, ziptrek, archery and off-road racing. 

The team building area has five training venues: venues featuring high-altitude training, low-altitude training, ground training and water training for adults and venues for children. Over 60 training courses are offered, catering to people of all ages.

The recreation area aims to be a place where visitors can relax on holidays and enjoy the fun of outdoor activities. It houses wooden trestles for resting on the water, lakeside fishing terraces, villas, an outdoor camping area, an amusement park for children, a folk culture park, a green restaurant, a barbecue area, tea bars and cafes.