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Jinmen music festival expects Xiamen tourists

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: Jun 21, 2019


A view of Jinmen Island from Xiamen. [Photo/VCG]

An exciting event, the 2019 Jinmen Summer Music Festival will run in Taiwan's Jinmen from July 23 to 26, according to a recent news conference held in Xiamen, eastern Fujian province.

More than 20 renowned singers and bands, including Matilda Tao and Fan Fan, will bring their most famous songs to the festival. During the festival, the city Jinmen will also organize various parent-child activities and a Taiwan gourmet fair.

With the new cutting-edge facility at Xiamen's Wutong Ferry Terminal now operating, it takes only 30 minutes from Wutong to Jinmen, making it much easier for cross-Straits tourists.