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Housing security

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 31, 2019

Xiamen is creating an extensive housing security system. The city will have started construction on 100,000 units of indemnificatory housing by 2020, 40,000 of which will be public rental housing units and 60,000 will be indemnificatory rental and commercial housing units.

Xiamen focuses on the quality and supporting facilities of the indemnificatory housing. Four indemnificatory housing subway communities have been built under a development strategy of "good location, good supporting facilities, large scale, high quality and complete functions".

A total of 21,000 units of indemnificatory housing are scheduled to begin construction in 2019. At present, 25 projects of about 66,700 units, with a total construction area of 6.27 million square meters, are under construction.