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Energy cost

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 31, 2019

1. Power supply

In 2018, the power supply reliability rate of Xiamen was 99.985 percent, ranking 5th among 52 major cities in China.

2. Gas supply

Xiamen has about 3,250 kilometers of gas pipelines with 592,000 pipeline gas users. Internationally renowned industrial gas supply enterprises provide abundant gas to the city.

2019 Xiamen natural gas supply price (yuan/cubic meter)
Residential gas (refers to the residential gas for the rental houses that have been transformed to meet the requirements)3.58-5.37
Non-residents such as industrial and commercial enterprises 

3.67 (highest price)

Welfare institutions for the elderly approved by the civil affairs department3.58

3. Water supply

Xiamen has 16 waterworks with a daily capacity of 1.84 million tons.

2019 Xiamen water supply price (yuan/ton)
Residential use3.2-7.6
Non-residential use (administrative institutions, armies and social organizations, schools, medical institutions, social welfare and security industries, public facilities and social services)3.2
Special industries (Sauna, car wash, foot bath, pure water)8.8
Other industries3.7

(Source: Xiamen development and reform commission)