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A View of Xiamen: The Beauty of Humanity

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 23, 2019

Mr Tan Kah Kee was originally born in Jimei, where he also grew up. Once Tan turned 16, he went abroad and saw some advanced Western culture, noting the impact on social development and, especially, on education for the people. He was determined to change his backward hometown, so he returned to his hometown at the age of 20, and raised money to set up the first modern primary school in Jimei district in 1913. 

Mr Tan Kah Kee went to Singapore, where he was impacted by the fusion of Eastern and Western culture. He brought a mix of Western architectural styles and Southeast Asian architectural methods to his beloved hometown. His innovative style has its own distinctive characteristics and is called Tan Kah Kee architecture by Chinese architects.

Jimei School Village has now formed a talent training program for students in preschool, elementary school, junior school and high school, as well as those pursuing undergraduate and master's and doctoral degrees.

Lei Jialei from Qujing, Yunnan, is a senior student at Jimei University and member of the Tan Kah Kee Volunteer Team. He said, "Our school motto is 'Cheng Yi,' sincerity and perseverance, the meaning of which is to treat others with sincerity while doing things with perseverance. Mr Tan Kah Kee always hoped that we could be both sincere and perseverant."