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Preferential policies targeting Taiwan-funded enterprises and Taiwan compatriots

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 23, 2019

The city rolled out a group of 60 measures to further promote the exchange and cooperation in economy, society and culture between Xiamen and Taiwan in April 2018. Among them, 33 are pilot measures that are innovated and put into experimental use.

Economic exchange and cooperation

Taiwan construction enterprises with qualification certificates issued by Taiwan authorities can operate projects in Xiamen upon approval.

Xiamen will promote the standards of Xiamen and Taiwan, so as to realize the coexistence of mainland standards and Taiwan standards in Xiamen.

Medical referral of patients and cooperation in emergency disposal, public epidemic prevention, medical care for the aged and medical education and training are encouraged between Xiamen and Jinmen, an islet attached to Taiwan. The Xiamen-Jinmen Inspection and Quarantine Area under special supervision will be launched and the inspection and quarantine measures on Jinmen will be streamlined.

Social and cultural exchange and cooperation

Taiwan-funded enterprises and Taiwan compatriots can set up high-end nursing homes for the elderly in Xiamen as private non-enterprise entities with sole proprietorship. The eligible Taiwan compatriots can establish private clinics and laboratories of medical examination with individual proprietorship in Xiamen.

Xiamen calls on Taiwan law firms to set up representative offices. Xiamen and Taiwan are encouraged to cooperate in establishing legal identification mechanisms to provide such services for relevant commercial activities. Taiwan arbitration institutions are encouraged to set up liaison offices in Xiamen. The city also encourages local and Taiwan non-governmental mediation organizations to cooperate and provide mediation services for enterprises and individuals.

Study and internship for Taiwan compatriots

Taiwan students can be enrolled in Xiamen schools under the guidance of municipal and district education authorities. The enrollments in kindergarten, primary school students are arranged by the education bureau of their domicile. A certain quantity of enrollment quota will be reserved for Taiwan students in some junior middle schools at municipal-level first-rate schools. If Taiwan students’ scores in the high school entrance examination reach the bottom admission standard of Xiamen’s ordinary high schools in that year, they can choose the provincial-level first-rate high schools in Xiamen and be admitted by parallel intentional schools. 

Scholarship for Taiwan students will be launched in Xiamen’s primary and secondary schools. Special accounts will be opened for Taiwan students' grants in higher education institutions in Xiamen to receive donations from the society and help Taiwan students with financial difficulties to complete their studies.

Xiamen will grant Taiwan students a rent subsidy of 500 yuan per month (no more than 12 months), referring to the standard of local graduates in the city. Taiwan students coming to Xiamen for an internship (more than one month) for the first time from abroad will be offered a one-off transportation allowance of 2,000 yuan.

Employment and entrepreneurship for Taiwan compatriots

More than 5,000 employment and internship opportunities will be provided to Taiwan compatriots every year. They will enjoy subsidies offered by the municipal and district governments. Taiwan compatriots holding full-time master’s degree (no more than 35 years old) and doctoral degree (no more than 40 years old) will be offered a one-off living allowance of 30,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan respectively after working in Xiamen for one year. They can also apply for employment permits.

Taiwan compatriots can apply for more positions within recruitment quotas at Xiamen’s public institutions. Those who meet the requirements and qualifications and obtain degrees recognized by the state in the mainland, master’s degree or above in Taiwan and identified by the Ministry of Education, or bachelor’s degrees or above abroad or in Hong Kong and Macao while identified by the Ministry of Education, can attend the recruitment examinations held by the city and its districts’ public institutions to supplement the vacancies within quotas.

People obtaining teaching certificates in Taiwan can teach music, sports and painting in Xiamen’s kindergartens, ordinary high schools through special employment, service purchase and short-term exchange programs. The academic achievements made by those Taiwan experts, scholars and teachers before their employment in Xiamen’s higher education institutions and vocational colleges can be included in the performance assessment system of their employers in Xiamen.

Housing and living of Taiwan compatriots

Taiwan youth coming to work or start business in Xiamen can apply for public rental housing according to local regulations.

The electronic travel passes for Taiwan visitors to enter the mainland can be used as the mainland residents’ ID cards in the city.

Taiwan compatriots living in Xiamen for a long time can serve as the members of municipal and district committees of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and attend the people’s congress and CPPCC meetings of Xiamen and its districts in accordance with prescribed procedures.

Taiwan compatriots can personally join the employees' basic pension insurance or the old-age insurance system for urban and rural residents during their stay in Xiamen, referring to the standard of local residents. Those Taiwan compatriots who join the unemployment insurance and work-related injury insurance in Xiamen can enjoy the same treatment as Xiamen residents. After working in Xiamen and submitting the corresponding years of social security, the mainland spouses who abandoned the mainland's household registration because of acquiring the household registration in Taiwan can transfer and merge the social security paid in Xiamen at different times when they return to Xiamen for re-employment. The amount of housing provident fund and social security personal account deposits paid by Taiwan compatriots may be withdrawn wholly when they leave the mainland by individual application.