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A view of Xiamen: The Beauty of Fusion

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 21, 2019

Liu Po-Hsuan came to work in Xiamen in 2006. He saw the development potential in the city. And at the beginning of 2016, He founded the Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurial Base with friends from Taiwan and the mainland.

People who are working in cultural and creative industries, as well as education, business management, and branding, formed a cross-Straits co-creation service team to assist many young entrepreneurs from Taiwan to achieve their projects goals.

Jimei district in Xiamen has launched a series of policies to further encourage these young entrepreneurs from Taiwan, including free apartments, start-up capital, and incentive and support at the base.

Xinglin Taiwan investment region in Jimei district has been established for 30 years. It was one of the first national-level Taiwan investment regions in China.

In 1997, Zhan Chao-Pang, an entrepreneur from Taiwan, invested in and founded the Xiamen establishment, Xiamen Fuquan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. In 2006, his daughter, Zhan Shu-Fang, came to Xiamen to serve as the company's deputy general manager.