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Talent policies

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 21, 2019

More housing and rent subsidies will be provided to high-caliber talents and high-end professionals coming to Xiamen. They will be offered housing subsidy of 1.2 to 10 million yuan ($1.47 million) or government-subsidized commercial housing ranging from 100 to 200 square meters. More channels will be increased to guarantee housing for talents and fresh full-time undergraduates or above and people with equivalent professional skills moving to Xiamen for employment , who can access rental housing with a monthly rent at 70 percent of market rent price.

Fresh full-time postgraduates or above and undergraduates from the world-class universities and world-class disciplines (including Taiwan people and returned overseas Chinese students) can be provided a one-off living subsidy of 20,000 yuan per person to undergraduates (no more than 30 years old), 30,000 yuan per person to postgraduates (no more than 35), and 50,000 yuan per person to PhD candidates (no more than 40).

Those high-level overseas Chinese students who come to work in the city’s enterprises being independent legal entities, or organs and public institutions under the municipal and district governments can be given a living allowance of 2,000 yuan every month; the first granting of allowance can include the amount of six months before the month of approval. The recipients can receive the allowance for five years at most until the expiration. For high-level overseas Chinese students who work in Xiamen part time will be granted the allowance in accordance with the actual months of working in Xiamen within five years.

Those who work in institutions under the municipal government and are listed in the municipal and national talent recruitment program can be granted a subsidy of 1 million yuan and 5 million yuan to support their entrepreneurship.

The outstanding young people can obtain a maximum subsidy of 1 million yuan; the talents seeking flexible employment in Xiamen can be subsidized with 20 percent of their pay and the maximum is 150,000 yuan; young innovative and entrepreneurial talents can obtain a fund and living subsidy of 400,000 yuan at most.

Leading entrepreneurial talents included in the municipal-level talent recruitment programs or above will be granted a maximum reward of the amount of the local retention portion of their paid individual income tax within the past three years; those leading technical talents who have worked in the identified municipal headquarter enterprises for more than one year and included in the “Hai Na Bai Chuan” talent recruitment program will be rewarded 50 percent of the local retention portion of their paid individual income tax on wages and salaries within the past three years; those professionals who have received a yearly pre-tax salary of 300,000 yuan in the directory of Xiamen’s key industries will be rewarded 25 percent of the local retention portion of their paid individual income tax on wages and salaries within the past three years.

Those who are included in the list of specially-hired Taiwan experts will be granted a subsidy of 1 to 1.5 million yuan in three to five years by the municipal finance authorities, which is equivalent to governmental allowance. Those specially-hired Taiwan professionals will receive a subsidy worth 25 percent of their salaries for five years with a yearly cap of 120,000 yuan.

The new migratory highly skilled people who have worked in the city’s industries in urgent demand for more than one year will be treated as technicians or senior technicians and receive a one-off subsidy of 5,000 and 10,000 yuan respectively. The technician training bases and technical masters’ workshops will be granted a maximum allowance of 500,000 yuan after being identified by authorities. The technical talents cultivated in these bases and workshops will receive allowance as migratory highly skilled people. The newly identified national technical masters and technical experts will be reward 300,000 yuan and 100,000 yuan, respectively. Those who are appraised as excellent highly skilled people will obtain 800 and 1,200 yuan per month for five years.