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Urban modern agriculture industry

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 17, 2019

Development foundation:

Urban modern agriculture in Xiamen covers the planting industry, animal husbandry, agricultural and sideline products, the food processing industry, rural tourism and ecological leisure agriculture.

In 2018, Xiamen's agricultural product processing developed steadily, with 44 leading agricultural industrialization enterprises generating sales revenue of 55.3 billion yuan ($8.05 billion).

The city's rural tourism and leisure agriculture attracted more than 6.5 million tourists annually in recent years. Xiamen has nine national leisure agriculture and rural tourism demonstration sites and nine villages which were honored as beautiful leisure villages in China.

Development priorities:

·Seeds and seedlings including vegetables, fruits, flowers, aquatic products and Chinese traditional medicinal materials.

·Production of major agricultural products.

·Agricultural processing including canned beverage manufacturing, oil, meat products, aquatic products, fruits, vegetables and feed processing.

·Agricultural products logistics and services including wholesale markets, sales terminals, cold chain logistics and agricultural exhibitions.

·Leisure agriculture and rural tourism.

Preferential policies:

·Eight measures to cultivate and support new agricultural business entities in Xiamen

·Measures to accelerate the construction of urban modern facility agriculture in Xiamen

·Five measures to support the development of smart agriculture in Xiamen

·Implementation plan to support the development of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises in Xiamen

Industrial parks:

·Xiamen cross-Straits agricultural high-tech park

·Xiamen Tongan National Agricultural Science and Technology Park

·Xiamen Tongan light industry food industrial park

·Agricultural and sideline products logistics center of southern Fujian

·Leisure agriculture areas including Xiangshan, Damaoshan and Zhubawuxian

Contact information:

Responsible administration: Xiamen bureau of agriculture and rural affairs

Contact: Fang Fan

Tel: +86-592-2892280