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Biomedicine and health industry

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 17, 2019


Xiamen Biobay [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Development foundation:

Xiamen is a pilot city for the regional agglomeration of emerging industries in biomedicine, with a total output value of 58.9 billion yuan ($8.56 billion) in 2018. A total of 241 State-level high-tech enterprises have settled in the city.

The industry in Xiamen covers biological products, biological food, medical devices and diagnostic reagents, chemical drugs and functional health food among other items.

Xiamen is home to many medical products, including the world’s first vaccine for viral hepatitis type E, China's first long-acting interferon and the world's third and China’s first bivalent cervical cancer vaccine.

Representative enterprises include Amoytop Biotech, Innovax, InTec Products, Triplex International Biosciences, Kingdomway and AmoyDx.

Development priorities:

·R&D and industrialization of biological products, traditional Chinese medicine, natural medicine, functional health food and formula food for special medical purposes, and R&D and application of cutting-edge biotherapy technology.

·R&D and industrialization of medical devices and wearable medical and health devices.

·Biotechnology services and professional technical services.

·Establishment, maintenance and excavation of biological information systems and databases.

·Medical e-commerce platform, logistics distribution center and other medical e-commerce services.

Preferential policies:

·Implementation opinions on promoting the development of biomedical and health industry in Xiamen

·Several measures to accelerate the development of the biomedical and health industries in Xiamen

·Measures of financial support for promoting the development of the biomedical and health industries in Haicang district

Industrial park:

Xiamen Biobay

Contact information:

Responsible administration:

·People's government of Haicang district

·Xiamen science and technology bureau

Contact: Li Ye, Jiang Haiyang

Tel: +86-592-6882993, 2051656