Financial services industry

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 17,2019

Development foundation:

In 2018, Xiamen's total revenue of financial services reached 152.9 billion yuan ($22.24 billion), and added value accumulated to 52.4 billion yuan.

Xiamen has been approved by the State Council to build a cross-Straits regional financial service center. It takes the lead in pilot projects in cross-Straits currency exchange, trade settlement, access for Taiwan-funded financial institutions, and cross-Straits insurance cooperation.

Currently, the city has 253 licensed financial institutions of banking, securities and insurance, 76 financial intermediaries, and nearly 80 financial institutions of small loan, financial leasing, equity investment, financing guarantee and internet finance, forming a diversified financial service system with complete functions.

Development priorities:

·Headquarters of financial institutions, regional headquarters and functional headquarters.

·Emerging financial institutions and inclusive financial institutions.

·Wealth management institutions.

·Various trading venues.

·Leading financial technology enterprises.

·Gold finance and other characteristic financial services.

Preferential policies:

·Opinions on accelerating the development of the financial industry in Xiamen

·Measures for the development of equity investment enterprises in the Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone

·Opinions on promoting the development of green finance in Xiamen's banking financial institutions, capital market and insurance industry

Industrial parks:

·Xiamen cross-Straits financial center

·Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone

Contact information:

Responsible administration: Xiamen municipal financial regulatory bureau

Contact: Lin Xiaolong

Tel: +86-592-2660797