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New materials industry

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 16, 2019



Development foundation:

Xiamen's new materials industry is dominated by special metal materials and advanced polymer materials, including photoelectric information materials, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection materials, and advanced carbon nanomaterials. The industry reached an output value of 88.9 billion yuan ($12.95 billion) in 2018.

Xiamen has a number of universities and research institutes in related fields, including Xiamen University, Huaqiao University, Xiamen University of Technology, the advanced material academy of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 725 Research Institute, and the Xiamen Institute of Rare-earth Materials of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

A total of 20 enterprises' technology centers (including two at national-level and five at provincial-level), 15 engineering and technology research centers (including three at national-level and five at provincial-level) and eight key laboratories have been built in Xiamen.

Representative enterprises include Xiamen Tungsten, Xiashun Holdings Limited, Xiamen Changsu, HMT (Xiamen) New Technical Materials and Savings.

Development priorities:

·New functional materials including metal ones, rare earth functional materials, membrane materials, functional glass and optical materials, semiconductor materials and energy materials.

·Structure materials including high-quality special steel materials, high performance nonferrous metal and alloy materials, engineering plastics and synthetic resin.

·High performance composite including high thermal conductivity composites, high performance fibers and composites, metal matrix composites and ceramic matrix composites.

·Ultra-high power graphite electrode production, carbon nanomaterials including graphene and fullerene, and cutting-edge materials including high-temperature alloys, shape memory alloys, liquid metal, metal and polymer additive manufacturing materials, superconducting materials, self-repairing materials, intelligent bionics and metamaterials.

·Low-cost preparation and application technology of carbon nanotubes, nano-processing technology of metal surface grains, industrialization technology of nano-powder, R&D and application of nano-coating preparation technology.

· Innovative and entrepreneurial services including well-known research institutions for new materials, professional incubators, inspection and testing certification institutions.

Preferential policies:

Opinions on accelerating the implementation of innovative development of the new materials industry in Xiamen 

Industrial parks:

·Xiamen Tongan Xiang'an Hi-tech Industrial Base

·Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Zone (Xiang'an)

Contact information:

Responsible administration: Xiamen municipal bureau of industry and information technology

Contact: Xue Zhongwei

Tel: +86-592-2896584