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Computer and communication equipment industry

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 16, 2019



Development foundation:

Xiamen has gathered integrated manufacturing enterprises in such fields as complete computers, mobile phones, mobile phone lenses, micro motors, flexible circuit boards, bluetooth and wireless access equipment, and positioning and navigation sensors, as well assupporting enterprises of basic components, accessories, external equipment and IT services. The complete machine brand has global influence.

The industry reached an output value of 120.4 billion yuan ($17.68 billion) in 2018.

Representative enterprises include complete machine manufacturers such as Dell, mobile phone and other communication terminal R&D and manufacturers such as Lenovo, Yealink, Yaxon Networks, and micro-electronic components manufacturers such as TDXK, Genius Electronic Optical, MEKTEK Corporation, Xiamen Hualian Electronics, Fuji Electric and TDK.

Development priorities:

·High-performance computers, including generic servers, cloud computing servers, and cloud storage equipment manufacturing.

·Core devices, network equipment, wireless communication equipment, mobile terminal products, internet of things gateway, internet of things equipment for 5G, IPV6 and other new generation network technologies.

·Satellite communication, navigation, remote sensing equipment, robots, unmanned aerial vehicle, automatic driving systems, automatic control systems and other high-end intelligent equipment.

·Wearable equipment, smart home products, R&D of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies and smart devices.

Preferential policies:

·General policy: policy for hi-tech technology enterprises, entrepreneurship incubation policy, talent and R&D support policy, technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing support policy, patent policy and listing encouragement policy.

·Special policies for major projects in line with industrial orientation on a case-by-case basis.

Industrial parks:

·Xiamen Tongan Xiang'an Hi-tech Industrial Base

·Xiamen Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Zone (Xiang'an)

Contact information:

Responsible administration: Xiamen Torch High-tech Industrial Zone management committee

Contact: He Kun

Tel: +86-592-5380178