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Economic strength

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 16, 2019

1.Improved overall economic strength

The GDP has grown at an average annual rate of 15.4 percent since China's reform and opening-up four decades ago.

In 2018

| Per capita GDP: 118,015 yuan ($17,105)

| Per capita disposable income: 50,948 yuan

| Public financial budget revenue: 128.3 billion yuan

| 1,626 hi-tech enterprises, accounting for 44 percent of the total number of Fujian province

| 600.5 billion yuan of total foreign trade value; degree of dependence on foreign trade has reached 125 percent 

The proportion of industries in 2018 GDP

Primary industry: 0.5 percent

Secondary industry: 41.3 percent

Tertiary industry: 58.2 percent

2. Foreign Investment

By the end of 2018

| Brought in a total of 14,818 foreign-invested projects

| Contractual foreign investments: $66 billion, actual foreign investments: $37.9 billion

| 62 overseas Fortune 500 companies invested in 112 projects in Xiamen

In 2018

| Contractual foreign investments: $46.6 billion, accounting for 45 percent of the province’s total volume

| Actual foreign investments: $10.7 billion, accounting for 35 percent of the province’s total volume

Major sources of foreign investments

| Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macao

| Singapore/US/Japan/Switzerland/Malaysia/Philippines/Germany/UK

3.Well-known foreign and Chinese enterprises in Xiamen

| Europe 

ABB/Nestle/Shell/Linde/Swire/AB InBev/Maersk/Philips/Schneider/ECCO/GN Hearing/GN Audio/TOMRA

| Americas


| Asia

Toyota/Panasonic/Hitachi/NEC/TDK/FDK/NEG/SK/ST Aerospace/IOI/

| Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan

China Merchants Group/China Resources Group/HKCTS/Hutchison Whampoa/Xiashun/Leadcore Technology Co/ AU Optronics/TPK/AOC

| Chinese mainland

Tianma Micro-electronics/Kaistar Lighting/CSIC/COSCO Shipping/MIGU/Tongfu Microelectronics/

Silan/ANTA/SEPTWOLVES/Xtep/China Capital Investment Group/JD.com/Shenzhen Huaqiang Holdings/UCAR/Luckin Coffee/toutiao.com/meituan.com/Qudian.com/DiDi