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Leedarson Lighting Co

leedarson.com| Updated: May 14, 2019

Founded in 2000, LEEDARSON is dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing LED light sources, lamps, lanterns and electronic energy-saving lamps.

LEEDARSON's luminaire products have long served DIY and residential clients with intelligent design, and the company continues to move forward in innovation by offering additional smart, application-specific lighting solutions to our existing and future partners.

LEEDARSON continuously optimizes its business and continually invests in its operations in the lighting industry.

Its two extensive production bases in Zhangzhou and Sichuan are equipped with advanced production capabilities that strictly adhere to rigid quality control standards.

Most of the key components and processing operations are completed in-house; such as metal processing, powder coating and tooling. Its highly automated factory is capable of producing more than 60 million products annually.

Official website: http://www.leedarson.com/index.php/Index