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junhegroup.com| Updated: May 14, 2019

Founded in 1999, JUNHE Group, with headquarters located in Shanghai, the core of Yangtze River Delta economic circle, boasts smooth information flow, logistics, capital flow and technology.

Since it was founded, the company has been seeking for truth in practice, and making innovations by relying on Shanghai's excellent investment environment.

The Group takes resource and energy trade as its main business and by combining them with finance, JUNHE establishes multi-channel financing system "supply-chain finance". The Group has also taken the initiative to expand its industrial fields and an industrial system integrated with commerce, finance, industry and investment has been established.

JUNHE Group owns more than 10 affiliates with a total asset of 50 billion yuan ($7.85 billion) and offers more than 5,000 jobs nationwide.

Official website: http://www.junhegroup.com/en/index.html