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Xiangyu Group

xiangyu-group.com| Updated: May 14, 2019


Founded on November 28, 1995, Xiangyu Group is a wholly state-owned enterprise with its headquarters in Xiamen. It has over 200 investment companies, 160 wholly-owned companies and investment holding companies as well as 7,000 employees.

Upholding the idea of serving the social development and enterprises growth, Xiangyu is focusing on the modern service industry and practicing industrial investment and specialized operations. The investments of the group involve modern service areas, including supply chain management, circulation service, public service platform, industrial real estate development, real estate, quasi-financial services and equity investment. In recent years, the company has also been investing in newly-emerged industries and fields of industry-internet.

The corporate is working on establishing a value ecosystem featuring co-existence and win-win situation for shareholders, clients, cooperation partners and employees, with the ambition to make itself a first-class investment holding group in modern service industry in China.

Xiangyu Group has led China’s Top 500 Enterprises for years, and it was awarded National Certificate of Merit of May Day. It is also the National Advanced Unit regarding Internal Audit, Financial Credit Rating AAA Enterprise.

Official website: http://www.xiangyu-group.com/eng/company.aspx