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Xiamen ITG Holding Group Co Ltd

itgholding.com.cn| Updated: May 14, 2019


Established on May 25, 2006, Xiamen ITG Holding Group Co Ltd, formerly known as Xiamen Commerce and Trade State-Owned Assets Investment Co Ltd, is one of the state-owned enterprises directly affiliated with the Xiamen Municipal Government. ITG Holding has earned Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit Awards at city, provincial and state levels for consecutive years. It is a model enterprise that has won Advanced Internal Audit Enterprise status, and one of the Top 100 Enterprises Focusing on Education in China, a Model Work Unit in Xiamen, and a Model Work Unit with Business Culture in Xiamen. In 2016, ITG Holding ranked 141th in China's Top 500 Enterprises, 57th in China's Top 500 Enterprises in the Service Sector, and 78th in China's Top 500 Foreign Trade Enterprises. In 2015, ITG Holding achieved revenue of 102.6 billion yuan (15.5 billion dollars), and ranked 2nd in Xiamen's Top 100 Enterprises in the general category.


The main wholly-owned and majority-controlled subordinate enterprises under ITG Holding are: Xiamen ITG Group Co Ltd, Xiamen Xindeco Ltd, Xiamen ITG Zhongshun Group Co Ltd, and Xiamen ITG Financial Holding Co Ltd. ITG Holding's business scope range from five major business sectors covering supply-chain operation, real estate and property services, financial services, manufacturing, and international economic cooperation.

For years, ITG Holding has always been adhering to its mission of "Discover Value, Create Value, Deliver Value", embracing its core value of "Perseverance and Perfection", and carrying forward its corporate culture of "Big Stage, Big School, Big Family". ITG Holding has always abided by laws, regulations, and policies and adapting the modern enterprise's corporate governance structure for the company's production, operation, and management. ITG Holding's vision is "To become a top investment holding conglomerate".

Official website: http://www.itgholding.com.cn/en/