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Cross-Straits Financial Center

english.xm.gov.cn| Updated: May 13, 2019


With South Huizhan Road and East Wenxing Road to the south, Wuyuan Bay to the north, Jinshan Road to the west and the eastern sea area to the east, and including the Huizhan Zhongcheng area, the Wutong - Gaolin area and the South Wuyuan Bay area, the Cross-Straits Financial Center (两岸金融中心) is located in both Siming District and Huli District and covers a total planned area of 17.35 square kilometers. 

Planning structure

Functional positioning: A State-level regional financial center on the western coast of the Taiwan Straits

Planning structure: "one belt, two zones and five points"

"One belt": financial service center belt

"Two zones": south and north zones of the cross-Straits financial industrial park, namely, Siming Financial Industrial Park and Huli Financial Industrial Park

Functional zones

It includes seven functional zones, namely, a financial and office zone, an exhibition and hotel zone, an R&D office zone, a seaside leisure zone, a high-end residential zone, a special control zone and a cross-Straits distribution center.

Industrial planning

Siming Financial Industrial Park: home to multiple enterprises including financial institutions, background services, agency services, and equity investment funds;

Huli Financial Industrial Park: includes seven primary industries such as banking, securities, insurance, financial services, futures and trust industries.