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"Understanding China" Visiting Scholar to China

ccsp.chinese.cn| Updated: May 6, 2019

1. Fellowship Description

Understanding China Fellowship aims to support assistant professors or above from foreign universities and academic institutes to undertake joint research in top Chinese universities. Excellent postdoctoral fellows are also welcome to apply.

Applicants shall be non-Chinese citizens.

2. Duration

From two weeks to six months.

3. Application materials(Chinese or English)

• Application Form

• Passport information (Photo page)

• An invitation letter from the host university (see Appendix 4)

• Two academic recommendation letters

• A recommendation letter from a local Confucius Institute or the local Chinese Embassy/Consulate will be a plus.

4. How to apply

1) Log in to ccsp.chinese.cn, download and fill in the application form, sign and scan as a PDF file; scan the photo page of passport, invitation letter, and recommendation letters as PDF files.

2) Combine all the above into one PDF file, name as "CCSP-Understanding China Fellowship-Your name", and send it to ccsp@hanban.org (cc to huangmei@hanban.org).

3) Prepare the following paper documents: application form (in duplicate, both signed and dated), Passport information (one photocopy), the invitation letter (original) and recommendation letters (original).

Please don't submit other materials such as articles, journals, books, DVD/CDs, etc.

Post the required paper documents to:

Understanding China Fellowship-Visiting Scholar,

Division of Sinology and China Studies, Confucius Institute Headquarters (HANBAN).

129 Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China, 100088

5. Review and Announcement

The Confucius China Studies Program Expert Panel will review the applications.

A typical review cycle takes around 3 months. Please kindly make arrangement for your visit plan. If you have any inquiry or concern, please feel free to consult by email or phone call during the period of review.

The review results will be announced by email.

6. Funding

• 10000 RMB per month;

• Round-trip international airfare (economy class, to be reimbursed against actual cost);

• Personal accident insurance during the visit term in China (we will buy for you. Reimbursement is not applicable)

7. Contact Information

Ms. Mei HUANG, huangmei@hanban.org

Fax: +86-10-5859 5762

Division of Sinology and China Studies,

Confucius Institute Headquarters (HANBAN)