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Interim Measures for Administration of Scholarship for Taiwan Primary and Middle School Students in Xiamen

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 6, 2019

The Scholarship for Taiwan Primary and Middle School Students in Xiamen (hereinafter referred to as "the Scholarship") was established to boost cross-Straits cultural exchange, increase the sense of Chinese identity among Taiwan students in Xiamen, and stimulate their hard-working and proactive spirit. 

The "primary and middle schools" mentioned herein are primary schools, junior high schools (including schools of the nine-year education system), and senior high schools (including high schools, schools adopting the 12-year system and secondary vocational schools). 

Funded by the Xiamen municipal government, the Scholarship aims to reward excellent Taiwan primary and middle school students in the city. 

The planned quota of awardees shall be no more than 10% of the total number of Taiwan primary and middle school students in the city, with the award amounts ranging from 500-2,000 yuan ($74-298) per primary school student every academic year, to 1,000-4,000 yuan per middle school student annually. 

Appropriate applicants

(1) The applicant must study at Xiamen's primary and middle schools and have the Mainland Travel Permit (MTP) for Taiwan residents;

(2) The applicant shall accept the one-China principle and safeguard the unity of China;

(3) The applicant shall abide by the Constitution, laws and school regulations;

(4) The applicant shall be honest with good morals;

(5) The applicant shall work hard and perform well at the school, make outstanding achievements in academic, cultural and sports competitions, or contribute to local schools and society. 

The municipal government will set up a leading group, with members from Xiamen's education bureau, finance bureau and Taiwan affairs office, to be responsible for scholarship applications and reviews. 

Applications will start in April every year and reviews and payments by July 3. After the annual review, qualified students can continue applying for the scholarship. 

Schools shall manage the awarded Taiwan students, terminating their scholarships and reporting to the authority if the students:

1) make remarks or act against one-China principle; or

2) violate laws and regulations, or join illegal organizations; or

3) violate school regulations and rules. 

Disclaimer: This article serves as a reference guide and is not an authoritative document.