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Xiamen university of Technology: Scholarships Information for International Students

xmut.edu.cn| Updated: May 6, 2019

I.  Why Choose XMUT ?

1.  A university located in an international coastal city

Xiamen University of Technology (XMUT) is located in Xiamen--an "nternational Garden City" and UN Habitat  Award recipient on the southeastern coast of China. Studying in  Xiamen, you can enjoy the bright sunshine, the cool breeze from the sea, lush plants and  spring-like weather in all four seasons.

48 "Global Fortune 500" companies have invested in Xiamen and  around there is a large number of international professionals and students in  the city, forming a culturally diverse community for you to explore.  The combination of traditional Fujian culture and modern city life  make Xiamen a great place from which to explore what's on in China.

2.  An international university embracing different  cultures

XMUT was founded in 1981, at the same time as the Xiamen Special  Economic Zone, and is one of the best universities in Fujian Province. With  collaborative programs with 40 overseas partner universities, 30 Taiwanese  partner universities and internship programs with more than 190 local and  international enterprises, XMUT international students have access to extensive  opportunities for enterprise internships in China and further studies with XMUT overseas partner universities.

At XMUT we have a wealth of experience in welcoming international  students. It is 18 years since we first received our license to invite students  from Xiamen's sister-cities abroad, and since that time we have been recognized  by the British Council as one of the best Chinese host universities for UK students, overtaking top universities in Beijing and Shanghai.

Now XMUT is growing into a multicultural community with 50  international teachers from 12 different countries, and has received around 300 international students.

3.  More affordable, with competitive tuition and supportive  scholarships

XMUT charges international students lower tuition than most of its  counterparts in China. We are one of the Chinese Institutions Admitting  International Students under Chinese Government Scholarship Programs and we  offer Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship covering annual tuition,  accommodation, and medical insurance and Tan Kah Kee  Scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation cost ,comprehensive  medical insurance and a monthly sum of living allowance.

4.  One-to-one student partnerships, home-stay, part-time jobs and  internships

At XMUT we see that every international student is partnered with a  tutor to provide the best possible support for your learning. In addition,  during the holidays, students can apply for home-stay visits with the families  of XMUT staff or students, to experience Chinese family life. Part-time jobs on  campus and internships with local enterprises are available for students to  learn more about Chinese work culture.

5.  Articulation programs and worldwide academic excellence  available

For students who want to receive degrees conferred by  American/European universities while studying in China, our articulation  programs with overseas partner universities are perfect for you. Students  attending XMUT joint-degree programs can choose to complete the first two-year  study in XMUT and then transfer to our partner universities in Canada for the  remaining years of study, or to participate in joint courses run by XMUT and our  prestigious American and British partner universities. XMUT undertakes to help  you to grow into a successful world citizen by combining the best of Eastern and  Western culture and academia, all at a very competitive cost. 

II. Programs for International  Students

For more information, please refer tohttp://ice.xmut.edu.cn/lhlx/201806/t20180612_213477.html

III. Application Process


IV. Scholarships

XMUT  international students are eligible to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship,  

Fujian  Provincial Government Scholarship and Tan Kah Kee  Scholarship as specified below:   

1. Chinese  Government Scholarship:

This scholarship will cover tuition fee, accommodation, medical  insurance, and a monthly sum of living allowance. Apply to the dispatching  authority of your home country within the time frame from the beginning of  January to the end of April. For application details, please refer to the  dispatching authority of your home country and http://www.csc.edu.cn/Laihua/.  

For the scholarship of Master's Degree Programs, applicants may apply to XMUT directly.

2. Fujian  Provincial Government Scholarship:

This scholarship will cover tuition fee, accommodation, and medical  insurance.

Apply to XMUT  directly. Deadline: May 30.

3. Tan Kah Kee Scholarship:

 Focus on countries along the 21-century Maritime Silk Road and  priority is placed on overseas Chinese and students of Chinese origin from  Southeast Asian countries with HSK certificate and mandarin capability a plus.  This scholarship covers  tuition fees, accommodation cost ,comprehensive medical insurance and a monthly  sum of living allowance.

Apply to XMUT  directly. Deadline: May  10.

V.  Cost


VI.  Accommodation

To be accommodated in on-campus dorms at 4000 Yuan /year for double  rooms shared with one roommate.

VII. Contact us

Website: http://english.xumt.edu.cn

Address: Admissions, Office of International Cooperation &  Exchanges, Xiamen University of Technology,No.600 Ligong Road, Jimei District,  Xiamen 361024, China

Contact person:

Angel Wang                                             Sandra Bao

Tel:0086-592-6291577                                     Tel:0086-592-6291539

Fax: 0086-592-6291577                                   Fax:  0086-592-6291577

Email: wangluyao@xmut.edu.cn                            Email:2011136803@xmut.edu.cn

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