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Construction technique of Minnan folk dwellings

xiamen.chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 6, 2019


As one of the major schools of Chinese traditional courtyard dwellings, the construction technique of Minnan folk dwellings (Xiamen) uses the skills of many trades, such as joinery, masonry, painting and duijianzuo, an ancient architectural handicraft.

The Minnan folk dwelling is a symbol of traditional culture in southern Fujian. The palace-style Minnan folk residential buildings made of red bricks are quite typical. The magnificent buildings were elegantly decorated, painted in bright colors and with exquisite detailing.

Their layout is characterized by axial symmetry. They feature a chuandou structure, a distinctive wooden frame to support the roof, and are known for functionality and elegant layout.

The shape of the roof is generally either Yingshan style, Xuanshan style or Xieshan style. Yingshan style is the most common, and its upwardly curved roof ridge is called a "swallow-tail ridge".