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Shuzhuang Garden

Updated: May 2, 2019

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The Shuzhuang Garden is located on the quaint island of Gulangyu, a short ferry ride across the Lujiang Channel from Xiamen. The garden, which was once the private residence of a businessman from Taiwan, was originally constructed to recreate the feeling of garden residence found in Taiwan.

The grounds are filled with snaking paths that cross koi ponds, wind through rock sculptures and possess hidden sculptures of all 12 zodiac animals. The garden is also home to Gulangyu's famous Piano Museum, which gives you a glimpse at at pianos through history, and a private art museum.

The spot is on the southern shore of Gulangyu, across the island from the ferry pier. A 10 yuan fare in any of the little buggy-taxis (no cars on the island) will get you there, but the journey is easily walkable.